Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Free Down Loads of all Depiction add-ons and icon packs

Free Add-ons and Icon Packs

As I mentioned in my letter, we hope to include all of the add-ons in the free licensed version which is yet to come. So in the mean time, I have created a drop box link where you can find most all of our add-ons and icon packs.  I would like to thank Russell Deffner who was a past instructor of our Depiction University course and who also created several icon add-ons and icon packs and who has agreed to make his available at no cost also.

There is one file called: product list.pdf  - this names all of our add-ons and icon packs that are available and what they do.

There is another file called: All -Depiction addons and icons.zip
this zip file has all of the individual zip files. If you download this file you don't need to download the individual zip files.

This is a snap shot of what you should see in the dropbox folder.
Theoretically you will be able to down load this files to your computer.  If you have any problems please email me at richards@depiction.com. 

The dropbox link is:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/66aqtox76lea2b1/AAC9j8yn2FZAHJOUyRQgknZYa?dl=0

Once you download a file you will need to unzip it. Some are install files that will install in the proper locations. Some of the icon packs are just the icons which you should copy to your Pictures/Depiction Icons folder.

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