Sunday, October 22, 2017

Depiction's servers came down today.

 Depiction Server's Down. 

Well today is the day our servers came down.  What does this mean for you.

Intial Geo-Coding 
It appears that at the moment initital geocoding by city or zip code isn't working.  However, you can start new Depiction's by using a lat/long.  Or open an existing Depiction and clear out any elements you don't want and then do a save as.

The other casualty are the quickstart data sources.  When I tried a new location the only quickstart source that showed up was the road network.  I then installed the preparedness add-on and the osm add-on and those quickstart sources did show up but it took awhile. Those quick start sources come from the the internet so if you do some searches you should be able to find the data as a shape file or some other format.

Activating Software
Our activation service was on our server and so I can no longer add activations to licenses.  The solution is to download the unlicensed version, the link to which you can find in prior blog posts.

Everything else seems to be working but please let us know if you find  things that aren't working and we will see what we can do.  Send me an email a or post a comment on this blog.

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