Thursday, November 15, 2018

Depiction Source Code

We promised to make the Depiction source code available and finally, we are doing so.

David Li sent me this info:

that is for 1.4 latest version

and that is for 2.0 

The one thing I did not have was the code for the web service. 

Hopefully, if you have the skills to access it you will be able to figure it out.  I personally have no knowledge in this area.  If you ask a question in the comments I will see if David can help.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Link to files reinstated.

It was pointed out to me that the dropbox link to the folder with all of the Depiction files was broken.  On researching the problem I discovered I had moved the folder to a onedrive account to free up space on my Dropbox account but forgot that there was a link to it on this block.  The new link is!AhMbGvNQTqAa-lNF2y5Colu8fd2S

Sorry about that.

We were never able to find a buyer for the software and we are trying to get the source code out and available and will let you know when that occurs.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Some features of unlicensed version not working

It has come to my attention that some folks are having issues with the unlicensed version. As we said some things were not going to work any more because we shut down our servers.

Initial Geo-Coding

One of those things not working is the initial geocoding for new depictions.  Before you could put in a city name and it would start there. Now when you put in a city it gives you an error that it can't geocode it.  The way around this is to put the lat/long of  your location and it will start.  Another short cut is to enter the sample lat/long on that start screen which is 47.94n, 122.21w.  This will start you in Everett, WA our home town.  But you can zoom out and move to your city and then zoom it and start there.

Quick Start Data Sources.

The quick starts are also not working.  Even though they show up in the list when you check it looks like they are being added but then they don't show up.  However, all of these came from free  sources on the internet and so you should be able to do some google searches and find this data and bring it in as Shape files.  If you search your county or city for GIS shape files you should get some results.  For instance here is a link to King County WA gis data files.
Hopefully your county, city or state will have similar types of data.  You want to download the "shp" files.  These files come in sets.  The entire set must be downloaded into a single folder.  Then when you add it to Depiction you select the file that has the ".shp" extension.

Let me know if you find other things that don't seem to work and I will see if there are any work-a-rounds.  I also would be interested if any of you that are still running your licensed versions if you are experiencing these same problems.  Please post a comment if you can.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Depiction Update - 2-8-2018

We haven't moved Depiction to open source yet because we are still in discussions with a couple of organizations that have expressed an interest in purchasing the IP.  If they both fall through then we will go open source.

Also today I forwarded to this Blog so for folks that didn't know what happened to us and they try to go to our old domain they will now be able to find out what has happened to Depiction.