Thursday, February 8, 2018

Depiction Update - 2-8-2018

We haven't moved Depiction to open source yet because we are still in discussions with a couple of organizations that have expressed an interest in purchasing the IP.  If they both fall through then we will go open source.

Also today I forwarded to this Blog so for folks that didn't know what happened to us and they try to go to our old domain they will now be able to find out what has happened to Depiction.


  1. Way back when, (30 Oct 09) purchased Depiction,
    Found a 1.4 version zip today on my computer and installed it, but my 30 Oct 09 KEY is not accepted...
    Any progress with Open source, or a workaround for the 1.4 version.
    Thanks, Richard Watson, KD4VOM Pierce County ARES

  2. I bought mine back then too. Hope open source works.

  3. I too purchased a license a number of years ago. Now I can't find my copy or my key. As I need to do some mapping in a hurry, Is their a low-cost Depiction Lite product out there?

    1. Andy was out of the country when you posted this and I just saw it. Hopefully you saw my latest post which has a link to an unlicensed version of Depiction. Not everything works but most of it does. Richard